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Writer, comedian, children's author.

Catie is represented by Suzy Jenvey at Suzy Jenvey Associates

Latest News

Jan  2018
Catie's children's books have been sold to the Czech Republic.

Mar  2017
Catie's children's books have been sold to Turkey.

Oct  2016
Catie has been made a Contributing Editor at parenting magazine Tantrum.xyz.

July  2016
Catie has started writing a parenting column for Tantrum.xyz parenting magazine.

February  2016
Catie's children's books are translated into more languages, with the fourth book arriving in Polish.

December  2015
Catie films a gig as part of new comedy documentary she is directing. 

August 2015
'My Great Success And Other Failures'  the latest in Catie's award-nominated series of children's books, is published. Available from AmazonFoyles and Waterstones and all good bookshops.

January 2015
Catie has written a fully-funded, unannounced film adaptation for Matador films.

April 2014
Catie's children's books are optioned by Citrus Television.

My School Musical and Other Punishments Amazon.co.uk Waterstones Foyles Nosy Crow