DRUNK WOMEN SOLVING CRIME! The weekly comedy crime podcast with a twist..of lime

With the amazing Hannah George and Taylor Glenn, and guests from Katherine Ryan to London Hughes. You can listen on Acast, itunes and all the likely places. More info always on twitter drunkwomenpod FB and insta @drunkwomensolvingcrime. Leave a review or crime to be solved on apple podcast.  NEW EP EVERY WEDS!!


8:00pm, Monday 27th July 2015

Gigs are a bit rare at the moment, due to "other projects" (writing and a baby) but I will try to remember to post info about them here when they do occur.

Barnes Children's Literature Festival

10:45am, Sunday 14th May 2017

At 1pm on Sunday 14th May I'm doing a fun event with author Katy Birchall, and hosted by Melanie Taylor-Bessent from Little Star Writing. We'll be discussing everything from books to funny families, friendhips and all sorts.

Barnes Green Centre.

Details and tickets here!

My School Musical and Other Punishments Amazon.co.uk Waterstones Foyles Nosy Crow

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