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Good Signs

Sunday 8th September 2013

I could post up some really beautiful photos of scenery here...

But where's the fun in that?

So here are some of my favourite signs and sights from our holiday. (I've numbered them as I can't work out how to separate the pictures and do a caption under each one).

1. Mad Vomit Plate

I think I have found the exact opposite of that famous scene from When Harry Met Sally - "Don't have what he's having."

2. Wine & Drugs

I like the refreshing honesty of this sign. Though I worry what it says about our reputation that this is how Italians think they need to cater to British tourists.

3. Needle

Evidence of the aforementioned drugs.

4. Clothes Sign

This confirms my fears that the reputation of Brits abroad precedes us. Maybe they have seen our reality TV shows and are trying to avoid a Geordie Shore re-enactment.

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