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Leaving Drunk Women Solving Crime

Wednesday 20th March 2024

Listen up knuckleheads, there's an announcement about the force, see: Catie is leaving Drunk Women Solving Crime.

After co-creating and co-hosting the runaway successful hit podcast for almost 6 years, Catie is stepping away, or "consciously un-thruppling" (though she will still retain 33% of the rights).

The announcement came on social media. Catie said, "It's been an honour to protect and serve questionable history with everyone. What a blast. I will miss those drunks, doing the show and the wonderful audience who always know more than us. Sasshole reporting for duty for the last time."

Lots of listeners expressed sadness at Catie leaving, but of course the show will go on, and the other drunks have lots of exciting plans up their sleeves.

Drunk Women recorded a special ‘goodbye' episode here.

One of Catie's last live shows here with brilliant comedian Michelle De Swarte guesting. 

Here is a fun interview, mainly about a possible TV adaptation, but also where Catie talked about coming up with the title, and how it relates to clowning.

The last recordings with Catie are taking place in March, and will be released in April 2024.

Finally, here is a clip of lots of people's favourite moment, when Catie thought she could speak French, in a lockdown episode with brilliant comedian Juliet Meyers.

Sasshole over and out.

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